SEMIEN FOX( Ethiopian Wolf)

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Semien Fox (the Ethiopian Wolf) -despite its name, is more common here in Bale than it is in Semien. It is found nowhere in between these two isolated mountain areas, and nowhere else in the world. The animal is the size and color of a European Red Fox, but with long legs, longer muzzle, and a striking black and white tail.

The Ethiopian Wolf is found only in Bale and Simien Mountains and no where else in the world. It feeds on rodents and as a result is mainly found at the higher altitudes where rodents abound. The wolf hunts its prey by standing still over the rodent holes, patiently listening, turning its head and ears from side to side,and suddenly pouncing when a rat emerges. There are more than twenty other small to large-sized mammals like Menelik's Bushbuck, Reedbuck, monkeys and many others.

Wherever you go in Bale there are always birds to watch and some of them are endemic. At least sixteen species of birds are known to be endemic to Ethiopia. About fourteen of these species are known to occur in the Bale Mountains National Park area. Dinsho-400 kms from Addis and the park's headquarter-, Robe and Goba can all be reached in a day's drive from Addis Ababa. Fifty kms from the parks headquarter- Ras Hotel provides a good accommodation or camping at the park can be arranged. Warm clothing is a must at any time of the year. Visitors who are intending to do some walking will need sturdy shoes and boots.


Program: Bale Mountains
Tour Code : AMA-4807 
Duration : 11 nights/12 days Transportation: Land


Day 01: Arrival in Addis, City tour of Addis. O/N Hotel.
Day 02: Drive to Awassa through the rift valley lakes. O/N Hotel
Day 03: A drive from Awassa to Dodola. O/N Dodola hotel
Day 04: Trekking starts from Changity to Waharo 4-5 hrs. overnight in a hut or camping in tent.
Day 05: Trekking by Mule or on foot to Angafu/ Aday. 5 -6 hrs. O/N camping.
Day 06: Trekking continues to another campsite called Mololicho 6 - 7 hrs. O/N camping.
Day 07: Trekking to Duro 5 - 6 hrs. O/N camping.
Day 08: 1 hr and 30 minutes horse trek from Duro to Bucha Raya forest edge. Meet your vihecles and drive to Wondogenet. O/N Hotel.
Day 09: Drive to Arbaminch. O/N hotel. 
Day 10: Tour of the Dorze village and an afternoon boat trip on lake Chamo to visit Crocodile market. O/N hotel. 
Day 11: Drive to Langano. An afternoon visit the National park of Abijata.Overnight Hotel. 
Day 12: Drive back to Addis Ababa. 


Program: Bale Mountains
Tour Code : AMA-4808 
Duration : 9 nights/10 days Transportation: Land


Day 01: Arrival in Addis. O/N hotel.
Day 02: Addis-Dinsho National Park.Overnight Camping or stay at Dinsho lodge.
Day 03: Bird watching and game viewing in and around Dinsho. Overnight stay at Dinsho lodge.
Day 04: Start trekking to Fincha Abbera via Web valley. Overnight camping at the waterfall /Fincha Abbera/.
Day 05: Trek from Fincha Abbera to Wassama Peak via Meraro. Overnight camping at the foot of Wassama Peak.
Day 06: Trek from Wassama to Gabra Guracha /Lake/ via Mount Batu (4203) the second highest peak in the Bale Mountains. Overnight camping.
Day 07: Walk to Konteh peak (4132), on the top of Sanattie plateau where we meet our vehicle and then, we drive to Goba for an overnight staying.
Day 08: Drive from Goba to Wondo Genet resort. Overnight stay at Wondo Genet .
Day 09: In the Morning birding in a forest and afternoon, we drive to Lake Awassa. Overnight stay at Lake Awassa
Day 10: This morning we visit the popular fish market in Lake Awassa and drive back to Addis Ababa and fly back home in the evening. 


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