What Do You Know About Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world, as well as the second-most populated nation on the African continent. It occupies a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometres (420,000 sq mi), and its capital and largest city is Addis Ababa.

The land of Diffrent Culture and Nature

The land of thousand miles, the country where the two oldest religions co-existed in harmony for centuries, home of the arc of covenant and seed bed of Christianity & origin of civilization.


Ethiopia is widely considered the site of the emergence of anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens, in the Middle Paleolithic 200,000 years ago. ....


The culture of Ethiopia is diverse and generally structured along ethnolinguistic lines. The country's Afro-Asiatic-speaking majority adhere to an amalgamation of traditions that were developed independently and through interaction with neighbouring and far away civilizations...


Ethiopia is a land of natural contrasts, from the tops of the rugged Simien Mountains to the depths of the Danakil Depression...


Ethiopia's population is highly diverse. Most of its people speak a Semitic or Cushitic language. The Oromo, Amhara and Tigreans make up more than three-quarters (¾) of the population, but there are more than 80 different ethnic groups within Ethiopia. Some of these have as few as 10,000 members.


consists of a number of faiths. the most numerous today are Christianity (Ethiopian Orthodoxy, Pentay, Catholic), followed by Islam. There is also a longstanding but small Jewish community.


There are 90 individual languages of Ethiopia according to Ethnologue,with the 1994 Ethiopian census indicating that some 77 tongues were spoken locally. Most of these languages belong to the Afro-Asiatic family .

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia